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Social Media Guide for Student Athletes


Social Media Guide for Student Athletes

School, practice, homework, family, and maybe friendship responsibilities all encompass the mind of a student athlete. In there somewhere is the ever reaching hand of social media. The athlete must as his or herself one question, is this postable? Am I properly representing my family, school, team, or my future plans. All of those things can be affected by one social media post.

“We can go back seven years and look at various social media posts.” Said one coach from a prominent university. The coach went on to talk about their vetting process that can even retrieve posts that were previously deleted.

“Nothing is irretrievable on the internet. If it’s there or has been there…chances are my team of investigators can find it.”

Every post should be viewed like a play on the field or the court, it can make or break a career.

There are a few things that athletes can do to ensure that they are taking the best steps with their social media business…because social media has now become a business.

  1.     Never post out of anger. Its okay to be frustrated but displaying that energy out for all to see and criticize is not a good idea. Think before you post out of anger, and if its really important to you wait twenty four hours. If the subject still needs to be addressed you will be more level headed and calm to deal with a proper reaction.
  2.     Keep social media positive.
  3.     Make sure your social media accounts are named consistent with your real name. Look at your social media handle/name as you’re address. If a coach or school can’t find where you live online they will move on to the next recruit.
  4.     Twitter is mandatory. Instagram and Snapchat are important but Twitter is the medium that coaches are most comfortable with. Don’t forget about twitter, it can be the difference between being recruited or no offers at all.



Look at your social media presence as a job. Make sure to put your best impression out there as it only takes one bad post to change everything.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mike R

    October 2, 2018 at 3:10 pm

    very true… people have to understand that first impression can be the last impression.. its too much talent out here to be dealing with someone who don’t know social media etiquette by now and how to socially represent them selves to scouts…very simple

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