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The Rams on Warson Road


The Rams on Warson Road

In one of the richest towns in Saint Louis county lies a hidden rivalry. Turn down Warson road and you will see extravagant homes all with manicured lawns with the scent of opulence and wealth permeating the air. Among the paradise of mansions are two schools, one private, one public with only one and a half miles separating them but a mindset pushes that distance much further.

Ladue Horton Watkins High School and their neighbor Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day School AKA, MICDS have participated in the fight for dominance over Warson Road for as long as anyone can remember. As it has been a fight hidden in plain sight. You ask around town and most will say they have never heard of this high school war. It isn’t as big as Hazelwood East vs. Hazelwood Central nor as legendary as the storied fight between Webster Groves and Kirkwood but passive aggressively has been stewing under the surface and now ready to break out.


MICDS the private institute with wealth and history hailing seven state championships and countless elite figures in the Saint Louis area as their alumni. Joe Buck walked the halls of MICDS but in his wildest dreams he couldn’t have written the story of this year for his school.

With a 13-1 season the MICDS Rams stomped right into the playoffs and are now one game away from being champions but Ladue, the Blue Rams break down the Class 4 door to put up a fight for the Warson road bragging rights, lets outline the facts.


This year Ladue’s offense is averaging 38 points while only giving up 7.92 points per game. The 14-0 Rams went into Webb city and only gave up 13 points to a perennial powerhouse which many didn’t expect them to do. The Rams have now silenced their haters and will run into Faurot field on the campus of the University of Missouri with bad intentions for MICDS.


Yet, the toughness of MICDS will be nothing to laugh at. With a 13-1 record the MICDS Rams received their only loss from the powerful Lutheran North Crusaders. They took that loss and came back strong with their grit, toughness and low flash concepts that keep getting the job done. But will it be enough for the stout defense of the Ladue Rams. Time will tell, its only 6 days until November 30th when the two Rams battle it out for the bragging rights of Warson Road.


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